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About Us

Moksha was borne of an idea, to showcase the best of India to the world. The spirit of India shines through its arts, crafts and traditions. This cultural heritage & craftsmanship is passed down through generations keeping alive its authenticity & essence. It is this tradition we bring to your doorstep with carefully curated products; rich in story, craft & detail.

Here at Moksha, our guiding principle is to source responsibly, aid in the preservation of traditional arts and enhance the livelihood of the artisans. Our team of experts has sourced exquisite hand-crafted products from different corners of the country with a desire to bring to you the best of India. Moksha is recognized as the destination for authentic & exclusive products that embody India’s rich and varied crafting traditions.

We hope you enjoy the intrinsic beauty & story behind each of these products. It is here that you will find the best of Indian handicrafts, home décor, jewellery, apparel, Yoga and Ayurvedic products. We look forward to seeing our products embellish your home and enrich your life. We invite you to accompany us on this vibrant Indian journey called Moksha.

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